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Spy Shop specializes in

- Private investigation firm - audio surveillance equipment listening devices - electronic bug detection service - wifi security camera systems - Vehicle tracker gps tracking devices. Best Products


Do you think your being spied on? If so, Spy Shops has a vast array of counter-surveillance options that can help you track down unwanted video cameras, audio surveillance and GPS trackers. If you don't want to find them yourself, Spy Shops can perform bug sweeps of your home, office or vehicle. Our counter-surveillance team uses the most advanced bug detectors to ensure your environment is free of intrusion.

Do you have a question about our products or services? You can email us directly at

GPS Tracking, Video Cameras, Private Investigation, Secure Cellular Phones, DVR, Night Vision, Wifi Camera, Bug Sweep, Voice Recorders, Counter-Surveillance, Audio Surveillance

usb recorder
rf detector
gps tracking
wifi camera

Spy Shops specializes in camera installations. We have over 35 years of experience in electronic engineering technology, 

networking safety and prevention and IT/computer science. We are very knowledge and up to date on all the newest and 

most advanced technologies that are being created each and every day.

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