SD 3500 1080P WiFi Smoke Detector Spy Camera (Custom, 110V AC, Quick Connector)


* Working Spy Camera, *Non-working smoke detector
* Mounting base is compatible with Frist Alert model / 7010B / 3120B / SA3210 / SA320CN / SA521CN-3ST / SA511CN2-3ST /
* Replace your existing "First Alert" Smoke Detector. Includes AC Connector.
* WiFi enabled. View live video & playback from anywhere in the world.
* Can be mounted on a ceiling or on a wall. 45 degree camera angle.
* True 1080P 1920x1080 Resolution @ 30 FPS. - Time and Date Stamped.
* Easy to setup, Takes only 5 minutes. - Ready to use right out of the box.

* Matches your existing Smoke Detector Fire Alarm (See Pics)
* WiFi Enabled, Live stream video & playback via Phone/Tablet.
* App Wake up. Wake your camera from sleep mode via mobile App.

* Made in the USA. Sold and Supported in The US. Get Live US 
tech support and the best customer service 
* True 1080p HD Video. Very clear picture. 1980x1080 HD Camera 
* Hidden Wi-Fi SSID broadcast (After Setup).
* 16GB SD Card included for video storage and remote playback.
* Records video to SD card. You can also record to your phone.
* Very easy to setup remote live viewing and remote playback
* Powerful app lets you fully manage multiple cameras easily.
* Receive Mobile alerts, Live Video, Recording configuration 
through your Mobile devices.