The Bomb Jammer is a defense technology used to counter RCIED theats. It comes in several configurations. The Covert Bomb Jamming System is our trunk mountable IED Jammer. Its low profile profile antenna setup make it an ideal vehicle jammer to defeat IED threats.

The Bomb Jammer can focus on specific threats as a Programmable Jammer. With a dual use as a Communications Jammer, the system can also disrupt unauthorized communications.

The Radio Jammer applications make the Bomb Jammer line of electronic countermeasures the most sought after by defense procurement looking to acquire communication window features. These radio jamming factors make the Bomb Jammer appealing to those handle counter IED Jammers and those who employ bomb detection with their security operations.

1-A covert bomb jamming system such as the IED jammer model VIP 300T is a unique IED jamming system. It combines the vehicle Jammer and covert Jammer features for maximum protection combating ied threats.

2-This programmable jammer needs requires no factory presets, and this communications jammer allows rf jamming with adjustable communication windows set by the user.

3-Radio Jammer countermeasures use radio jamming to thwart road side bomb, car bomb, sucide bomb vest, and suicide belt threats while communication jamming and communication window features aid bomb squad and bomb detection teams.

Bomb Jammer