• Completely hidden and discreet communication
  • Works with any mobile phone with a 3.5mm jack or with the use of an adapter (not included)
  • Invisible wireless earpiece receives signal by an inductive coil across electromagnetic fields (like a radio)
  • Extra small wireless earpiece permits you to receive real time information or communications without being noticed.
  • Earpiece Dimensions: 3x2mm


This is the smallest wireless earpiece in the world. Perfect for any occasion and easy to use.

How to use
If necessary, wear the skin color loop on your neck or under your clothes.
Connect the plug to your cell phone slot and talk into the microphone normally and hands free.

1)  How to wear the earpiece?

Clean and dry your ears thoroughly right before use.

Wear the loop set and connect to devices correctly, turn the cell phone volume down.

Put your ear  to the sky. Carefully release the earpiece, let it fall into your ear canal. 

Slowly turn up the volume, and it is working.

2) How to take the earpiece out?

After useing, don`t forget to take the earpiece out with the magnet

3) does it need power?

This earpiece dose not  need power to work, but the loop transmitter needs two  9V batteries.

After using, you¡¯better removed the batteries.

* Usually wearing one earpiece is enough to get clear sound. If needed, wearing two earpieces in two ears to improve.

Package including :
1 loop set wire whit 3.5 mm Jack 
1 Microphone 
2pcs Earplug 
1pc magnet
note: 9V batteries is not included. 

Covert Test Taking Earpiece