TheCell Phone ProTec is a protective hard case that uses proven military-grade electromagnetic shielding technology to prevent your phone from being remotely accessed, tracked, or used as a real-time eavesdropping device. In addition to being electronically shielded, the Cell Phone ProTec is highly water-resistant, extremely durable, and provides superior impact protection to today’s modern fragile devices.

  • Proven military-grade electromagnetic shielding technology.
  • Independent laboratory testing has proven up to 109dB of actual shielding effectiveness.
  • Blocks signal transmissions to and from your wireless device.
  • Blocks cellular and GPS tracking signals
  • Prevents remote activation as well as real-time tracking and eavesdropping. 
  • Your device will automatically re-acquire its network when removed from the case.
  • Incoming phone calls, text messages, voice mail notifications and emails are sent by your service provider after your phone is removed from the case and the network is re-acquired.  
  • Designed to work with most phone cases. 
  • Water-Resistant
  • Impact Protection

Cell Phone ProTec