The CellPhone Security Case takes the guess work out of cellular phone security in the business environment and is intended to be used in a conference room or office to protect the privacy of meetings in which sensitive or proprietary information is being discussed. Using the same proven military grade electromagnetic shielding technology found in the PrivacyCase. The CellPhone Security Case protects multiple phones from being used for real-time audio/video surveillance, while also stopping network penetration attempts and other attacks deployed by cellular phones in sensitive environments.

  • Proven military grade electromagnetic shielding technology.
  • Sound deadening materials are incorporated into its construction to help neutralize audio recording applications in use on phones placed inside the CellPhone Security CaseBlocks signal transmissions to and from your wireless device.
  • Blocks cellular and GPS location signals.
  • Prevents remote activation as well as real-time audio/video surveillance.
  • Your devices will automatically re-acquire their respective networks once removed from the CellPhone Security Case Incoming phone calls, text messages, voice mail notifications and emails are sent by your service provider after your phones are removed from the
  • CellPhone Security Case and the network is re-acquired.
  • CellPhone Security Case designed to accommodate several smart phones, tablets, even laptops at the same time.

Cell Phone Security Case