Our line of Cellular Jammers are designed with PLL Stabilization, an engineering feature that makes our digital cellular jammer unparalleled in performance. To jam cell phones using our Stabilized method, we have designed a directional jammer that is able to perform twice as better under difficult operating conditions. 

If a phone jammer or tactical jammer is indoors or outside, the normal operating parameters would not apply with our Cellular Jammers. Our digital jamming broadcasts further, with higher concentrated energy, yielding a constant jam wave to effectively block cellular communications.

1- Our Cellular Jammer is a 6 Watt Digital Cellular jammer, designed to jam cellular phones without signal degradation using our proprietary stabilization feature.

2- Cellular Jammers like our 18 Watt directional jammer are able to block user defined areas, reducing interference to neighboring rooms without signal degradation.

3-The Phone Jammer is a portable high power phone jamming device, giving off 105 Watt jamming signals to block mobile phone calls inside a house or building. This tactical jammer is favored by Law Enforcement for pre-raid and breach operations.

4-The Cell Jammer is a 300 Watt jamming device made to jam cell phone calls, and our digital cellular jammers use a digital jamming method insuring consistent signal strength.

Cellular Jammers