Ultra tiny, 0.4oz audio recording device allows for easy deployment in many types of situations and scenarios. It has up to 12 hours of recording in the highest quality audio it can capture, with the ability to only capture audio when a sound occurs in the area at the flick of a switch! Not only does this mini sound recorder come with headphones so you can listen to the files while on the go, the files can also be date and time stamped via a program available to Windows computers.


Simple on/off design with no lights to indicate its recording
Clear voice recording with the built-in embedded amplified mic
Easily switch between voice-activation or continuous record mode
Multiple recording quality options to choose from PCM, XHQ and, HQ
Recorded files can be date and time stamped on Windows OS only
Record continuously: 12 hours - PCM, 15 hours - XHQ & 18 hours - HQ mode
Start and stop recordings with a flick of a switch.
Audio pick up range of 40 feet in optimal conditions
Fast 2-hour recharge rate.
The built-in 8GB memory can store up to 24 hours in PCM, 144 hours in XHQ, or 288 in HQ mode
Download recordings easily to a Windows or Mac computer or play files directly off the device with the included headphones

HC780 Recorder