This is a professional Listen Through Walls device with a high sensitivity acoustic microphone amplifier, when placed against the wall is capable of penetrating thickness up to 12 inches, thus allowing you to clearly hear the audio / conversations on the other side of the wall.

This product is ideal for gathering intelligence or audio evidence from noisy or abusive neighbours.  The Listen Through Walls Pro is made of high quality brushed aluminium and fitted with a fine tuning filter for better audio listening quality, plus an audio output socket which allows a voice recorder (not supplied) to be connected to capture audio evidence.

Simple to use, the ceramic contact microphone is gently held against a solid wall to pick up vibrations through the wall which then convert to audible sound through the earphones (supplied).

Powered by one (1) PP3 lithium battery provides 24 hours of continuous use.

  • Noisy Neighbours - Record loud music or verbal abuse
  • Search and Rescue - Hear people trapped in basements, elevators, under rubble etc
  • Bomb Detection - Listen through packages for timers
  • Diagnostics - Find problems in engines, transmissions and other mechanical apparatus
  • Pest Control - Find location of insects or rodent infestations, termite colonies in walls, ceilings and floors
  • Plumbing - Find location of leaking pipes in concrete or walls.

Note: Listen through wall devices operate effectively on thick solid walls as opposed to thinner walls or walls made of plaster board.  Brick walls that have a cavity layer will not work and floors and ceillings will also not work.

This is a professional listen through wall device that is both practical and easy-to-use.  Great audio listening quality assured.