• See through clothing material

  • See through most dark windows even through dark sunglasses

  • Works indoors or outdoors

  • Can be used in low or bright sunlight (powerful isn't it)

  • Exposure is automatically adjusted therefore the video is never over or under exposed. Get perfect recording everytime!

  • Portable Digital Video Recorder included with purchase. Records in MPEG 4 format.

  • This Palm Size Portable DVR has a built in 3.5" TFT LCD screen. Monitor your COLOR recordings in real time or instantly play back recorded movies on its built in COLOR screen.

  • Built in 32GB hard drive. Includes USB connector which allows you to save the recorded file on to your PC.

  • 470 Lines of resolution

  • Built in micro IR. chips

  • Built in IR. pass filters

  • Light weight

  • 1 year warranty

PGF787 See through garment Glasses