When users of the Bomb Jammer have to leave their vehicle, it helps to be able to bring along Portable Bomb Jammers when moving out of the area of protection. That is why we developed a hand Portable Bomb Jammer. 

Our Portable Bomb Jammers are built into briefcase configurations, such as our line of DDS Jammers. We also offer a backpack jammer used by force protection that meets man portable security applications. 

Some of our Portable Bomb Jammers offer communication windows, while others used by EOD teams and bomb squad technicians prefer the standard ied jammer and rf jammer configurations for blocking all signals without gaps.

1- JDS Jammers are digitally programmable RF Jammers that give off RF Jamming interference, and these digital jammers employ JDS Jammer technology with communication windows to control radio interference.

2- The back pack jammer used by EOD teams and Bomb Squad technicians is a portable ied jammer that functions as a back pack rf jammer to jam rcieds from detonating

3-RF Jammer  is used to counter cellular ied and satellite phone ied threats as well as mobile ied and radio ied ambushes where an rf trigger of an rcied is needed and rf jamming is available.

Portable Bomb Jammers