How do those in authority manage criminal communications? Our Cell Catcher technology without RF Jamming is our latest development in cellular detection and managed access to deal with smuggled phones into Prison and Secure Facility environments. 

Using our Cell Catchers, no RF Jammer is necessary to counter illegal phone users such as convicts and criminals behind bars. Growing trends indicate more correctional authorities prefer the denial of access to some users while permitting other users (the warden, administrative staff, medical staff) to connect to the local service provider to make mobile phone calls.


Yet some countries still prefer our RF Jammer, Cellular Jammer, and Prison Jammer to deal with unauthorized cellular phones, all prison solutions proprietary to HSS.  

These Prison Solutions are used to control unauthorized communications in:

  • Prisons
  • Government Buildings
  • Military compounds
  • High level security facilities 

A prison jamming system that uses rf jamming is good for knocking out unauthorized cellular phones. With cellular detection, we are now able to identify and locate contraband cellular phones in restricted areas. Yet more Governments are turning to our Managed Access alternative to RF Jamming of some or partial cellular bands, as our Cell Catcher permits those in charge to create access controls and deny anyone not allowed to make mobile calls.



Cell Catcher

To counter unauthorized cell phones in prisons, the Cell Catcher targets smuggled phones using a managed access method of communication control.


Prison Jammer

The prison jammer uses cellular jamming with its cellular detection system for communication control, and this prison jamming system offers a managed access alternative for regions that prohibit rf jamming. 


Cellular Catcher

With the cellular catcher, the cellular firewall permits or denies unauthorized users while the cell catcher identifies and records the phone's data.


Cellular Detector

The Cellular Detector is a professional measurement system used to verify and locate an active or inactive cellular phone, and cellular detection is accurate.

Prison Solutions