Most of the RF Jammers we build are directional, be they stationary cellular jammers or portable configurations with RF jamming hardware built into a briefcase. With an omni-directional RF Jammer, users can create a jamming radius around a center-point such as a desk, tabletop, or shelf. 

Yet for a phone jammer that is able to concentrate the rf jamming signal without affecting perpendicular rooms or zones, we offer features inherent in our directional jammer and our power selectable jammer. This gives the user the ability to narrow the scope of rf jamming so that interference can be controlled. 

This helps prevent unwanted cell phone jammer effects in areas that are not supposed to be jammed.


1-This RF Jammer is more effective than other Cellular Jammers, as the RF jamming is regulated with a directional jammer feature. This helps focus the jamming wave on desired areas only.

2-RF Jammers like our MS-2 phone jammer give of an rf jamming signal to block cell phone calls using an Omni-Directional antenna (to jam in all directions).

3-The Power Selectable Jammer will jam mobile phones and block cellular phone signals at user defined distances because of its RF Jamming sensitivity feature.

4-The Cell Phone Jammer is a portable jammer able to give off RF Jamming while discretely housed in a briefcase.

RF Jammers