The Roof Mounted Bomb Jammer series were the original IED Jammers. Our preliminary task was to design and utilize a radio jammer that would work for armored vehicle users, VIP users, and those traveling in convoys within hostile territories. 

The result was both an armored vehicle jamming system and a convoy security solution that implemented the right power disbursement without affecting operations of additional IED Jammers during transit. The Roof Mounted Bomb Jammer became standard to defeat RCIEDs without knowing their location or what made up their radio triggering devices. 

Below are several IED Jammers. Some of them are standard power models, while others are enhanced to deal with the IED attacks that have become a growing threat faced throughout the world.


1-Not all bomb jammer or radio jammer systems are ied jammers, yet the WOTS Bomb Jammer counters roadside bombs and extended spectral threats involving remote denotation signals.

2- The armored vehicle used for convoy security is enhanced with an ied jammer that uses an rf jamming system to defend against attack by remote controlled ied weapons.

3- A convoy jamming solution uses IED Jammers to defend against an ambush, and using a convoy jammer or bomb jammer, the defeat of roadside bombs and other rcieds will require operating multiple systems throughout the convoy.

4- In order to counter IED attacks, the IED Jammer conducts IED Jamming used to counter remote controlled bombs that detonate an ied with remote activation signals.

5- Using the vehicle jamming system, RF jamming is disseminated by the Bomb Jammer over a coverage area with radio signal jamming.

Roof Mounted Bomb Jammers