Detectors used in electronic countermeasures now include our cellular detector. No longer does bug detection focus on the ability to detect bugs alone. Now governments, prisons, and corporations also want to be able to detect and locate cellular phones. 

This takes counter surveillance to a whole new level. As traditional bug detection involve signal analyzers and electronic countermeasures, there is a need for our detectors which can alert and locate when a GSM bugging device is operating, as well as an unauthorized cell phone.



Cellular Detector

The Cellular Detector is a professional measurement system used to verify and locate an active or inactive cellular phone, and cellular detection is accurate.


Voice Stress Analyzer

The Voice Stress Analyzer operates as a lie detector and performs voice stress analysis for law enforcement, insurance groups, and risk assessment groups.


Signal Analyzer

The electronic countermeasure signal analyzer is designed for counter surveillance where electronic counter measures conduct bug detection, and where electronic countermeasures can detect and locate bugs. The system comes in a portable briefcase.


Signal Analyzers

Signal Analyzers can be used for electronic countermeasures, and our signal analyzer can detect bugs, showing activity on a spectrum analyzer. This bug detection using counter surveillance to detect listening devices, bugs, and transmitters is conducted by high level government TSCM users.