When Police and SWAT Teams arrive at a crime scene, they deploy Tactical Jammers in order to control communications of criminals and terrorists. Although some countries prohibit the use of Tactical Jammers, most agree the use of a Tactical Jammer is necessary when safety is the priority of the officers and the public involved.

Even though communication jammers originate from battlefront technologies, illicit civil disputes can be resolved when police block communications. Combat tactics employing Tactical Jammers apply when dealing with hostage situations, domestic disputes, narcotics raids, and other all too familiar scenarios. 



Communication Jammer

Communication jammer funcitons as a cell phone jammer for cellular jamming and broadcasts cell phone jamming using its internal set of radio jammers to aid law enforcement and military forces.



The Tactical Jammer can jam cellular phones, used by SWAT and Police agencies who require a portable jamming system that operates as a communication jammer

Tactical Jammers