AVAILABLE FOR :  iPhone or Android
Each licence is good for 1 year


Mobile communications is critical for every nation and enterprise. As such, the mobile device and applications has become a key target for industrial espionage. The Ultimate CellPhone Encryptor allows users who require the highest level of security to communicate with confidence that their data and voice transmissions are uncompromised.”  

• The only point-to-point Encrypted Voice Calls with HD quality audio 

• Ultimate End-to-End Military grade Rolling Code Encryption

• Encrypted Text Messages

• Encrypted Group Chats

• Encrypted File transfer

• Encrypted Video  & audio Messages

• Hardened OS with kernel self-protection


Frequently asked questions:

Few words about Secure Voice


  • Encrypted point-to-point voice calls, text chats and file transfer.


· Calls are done via encrypted binary protocol which looks like just a VPN connection forthe network providers, so the SV communication cannot be revealed.


  • HD quality audio engine that sounds better than popular VoIP apps in mobile networks
  • Secure file transfer (pictures/videos)
  • Government& Military MAX level encryption
  • Protection from all important threats. 
  • Own encrypted phone providing protection from viruses and trojans, provided by hardened OS/firmware (deployed on SV Phone).
  • No 3rd party services. We made even our own push notifications service in order to
  • provide the customer with complete control
  • On demand add-ons: Conferences, Video Calls
  • Works as a closed-group (corporate) solution
  • Out of the box support of iOS, Androidclient
  • IP Deskphone providing the encrypted communication over Landline (Ethernet) connection
  • Desktop client for Windows PC and Mac


· Fully independent infrastructure - all server components (call establishment, key/ certificate management services) areunder complete control.


  • Support of extended security set (key on HSM, second device authentication, remote revocation, panic wipe).
  • Deployment of infrastructure at the customer premises within 2-3 business days.
  • Technical support, users and admin staff training.
  • Regular updates.
  • Wide abilities of customization, additional functionality, changing encryption settings, rebranding, etc.
  • The system is simple to operate - thanks to the control management panel, the system can even be controlled by "non-technical" person.
  • Secure Voice source code, of all components, still can be opened for the partners to make the security audit and certification.


On request:


  • Remote wiping;
  • Wipe if SIM changed and code is not entered in 24 hours;
  • own protocol modification;
  • premium or exclusive stock devices.