The Unmanned feature is unique to the Smart-D. Other spectrum analyzers require and operator to go in and physically sweep rooms for unwanted devices.

No more need to hire or employ an expert sweep team.  The Smart-D works by always scanning the location 24/7 and knowing what is a friendly frequency and when it is a potential threat.

The 24/7 monitoring will help to ensure that expected privacy is maintained.



  • Each remote terminal covers an area of 500 feet
  • Detects digital signals like Ultra Wide Band and Bluetooth
  • Scans a frequency range of 25kHz to 6GHz within one second
  • Simultaneously monitors multiple locations from one Control Center (additional remote terminals avaliable) 
  • Keeps record of all detected alerts
  • Can be hidden behind wooden cabinets
  • 24/7 Unmanned monitoring
  • Audio/ Video Demodulation
  • Statistics and Reports


Perfect for:

• National security teams

• Ministry buildings, embassies and state department offices

• Executive offices and C-Suite

• Executive assistant offices

• Research and development teams

Monitor multiple rooms and locationssimultaneously from ONE CENTRAL CONTROL CENTER.  Smart-D is the only spectrum analyzer software that checks each suspicious signal. It can quickly be deployed to protect any office or government agency.

Note:The Smart-D does require training