The Telephone Voice Transformer is a new generation of voice disguiser. It meets the requirements of the law enforcement investigator to effectively disguise their voice in real-time telephone and online applications. It allows the user to easily create and speak in real-time voices which cannot be recognized as their own. This versatile unit is compatible for use with cell phones, standard phones, and computers.


All other "telephone voice changers" merely alter pitch, and the Telephone Voice Transformer leaves them all in the technological dust. Creating a voice by programming tone, gender, pitch, octave, etc. is quick and easy with this unit. It also allows for real-time monitoring during voice development. If you decide to save a particular voice that you've created, you can store and label it in one of its 50 memories for future usages. It even allows you to switch instantly between being yourself and being a different person during a conversation.  


Compatible with most cell phones. Powered by four AA batteries. Comes complete with batteries, headset, programming plug, cables, and carry/storage case.

Size: 7" x 4" x 1.75". 

Chassis color may vary from photo